Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labor Day Holiday Extravaganza - Part II

Gift bag for Teri

So the Labor Day Holiday Extravaganza has begun! Thursday morning saw Teri and me start drinking Miralax twice a day to begin emptying the colon in preparation for Tuesday's colonoscopy. I know that seems early to start the colon prep, but my doctor has found that doing things this way makes Monday easier. On Monday, we will only have to use "Half-Lytely" instead of "Go-Lytely", meaning we will only have to drink half as much of the colon prep stuff. And believe me, this is a true blessing! It would be worth taking laxatives for a month to only have to drink half a gallon instead of a gallon! Trust me, I know! 

Every time I go to the pharmacy to purchase the colon prep kit, I have to laugh. Whoever named the stuff "Go-Lytely" had to have had a sense of humor because there is no "going lightly" about it!!  I'm sure the name refers to the fact that the product provides electrolytes, but it makes me laugh anyway!

Just drinking the Miralax is a struggle for me. It is tasteless, but after all I've been through, I seem to have a pretty well-developed gag reflex. I only mix it in four ounces of water and guzzle it as quickly as possible. Then I have to calm my brain and talk myself down for a couple of seconds in order not to gag. I've never had a sensitive gag reflex in my life. I guess it comes from living through chemo. Please pray that I will be able to drink the Half-lytely on Monday and keep it down!

Hope you all have a great holiday weekend!


  1. GO Team COF!! pun intended :)
    Love you ladies!

  2. I love my gift!! and I know I will REALLY LOVE it tomorrow!
    You are the bestest!!!

  3. Is the butt paste a necessity? I'm compiling my shopping list for my first scope coming up, eek!

  4. Best of luck and prayers! I will definitely be adding the butt paste to my list for next year!!!