Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Jackie had another good day. When I got to the hospital today she was already up and sitting in a chair. She was talking a lot and laughing. She even told us that she was hungry and that a steak and baked potato sounded good!  They have removed the pressure monitor from her brain. Her vital signs are all normal.

The neurologist came by while we were there. She said that Jackie is doing well. She told us that it is still important for her to rest and not to be overstimulated. Her brain needs quiet so that it can heal. She said that Jackie's body will naturally try to "cocoon" and keep from being overstimulated; explaining why she maintains her eyes closed. Although we all try to keep her still and quiet, no one seems to be able to keep her from talking! 

Mentally, she is very coherent. Physically, she is tired and struggles with balance, but has strength in her arms and legs. Emotionally, she is calm. She recognizes that she had a stroke and can even remember what happened that night. She told Mark that she is not afraid. Spiritually, she is at rest, trusting that God is taking care of her. She is grateful for so many who are praying for her. 

We know healing will be a long, slow process, but we are encouraged by her progress. She is surprising all her doctors with how quickly she is improving.

Hopefully, she will be able to move out of the intensive care unit into a regular room within the next couple of days.

Thank you, again, for all your calls, emails, texts, thoughts and prayers! We are surrounded by the best family and friends ever!


  1. What an amazing answer to prayer and testimony to God's healing power!

  2. THIS is the news I was praying to find when I got home! Thank you Laura! Prayers continuing... Love y'all! Shannon McCullough