Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Morning

Jackie continues to make progress! This morning they took her off sedation and removed the ventilator. Before the procedure, Mark, Damon and I were telling her what they were going to do, and told her that she needed to try to be calm and not fight against the medical staff. We knew it would be scary, but it would be a quick procedure and would go better if she would cooperate. Then Mark asked his mom, "Are you going to be calm and cooperate?" Jackie shook her head "No." Then Damon asked her, "Are you going to be stubborn?" Jackie nodded her head, "Yes!" We all laughed out loud! That's the Gran Gran we all know and love!

The ventilator was removed without any problems. Her heart rate is up in the 50's. Today's CT scan showed decreased swelling in her brain. The goal is to have her rest quietly today with little stimulation, allowing her brain to heal. Tomorrow she should be more alert and they plan to begin physical therapy.

This afternoon, she was shaking her finger at Damon. The nurse asked her what was wrong. Damon said, "She always tells me what to do." And Jackie spoke out loud, "I do that."

That strength of spirit is serving her well! She knows that thousands of people are praying for her. Thank you for your part in this miracle!


  1. Praise The Lord for the good news.

    Praying without ceasing.



  2. We are praying, and this made me laugh!!
    Love them!
    Ellen Forrester
    Through God we will do valiantly, Psalm 108:13

  3. Ahhh, this made me laugh and cry all at the same time! Please tell her that Donnie and I are praying for her and I miss her!

  4. Praise the Lord !! Let that finger continue to shake at Dr. Damon. Prayers for calm/quiet days ahead as she heals. Lord, we ask that you continue to protect this precious child of yours.Heal her and strengthen her. Give her family the love and patience needed to support her challenges at this time. Prayers continue. Thank you for keeping all posted with the progress.

  5. We are joining you in praying for her miracle!

  6. So glad to hear Jackie is doing better. Continuing to pray for her whole and speedy recovery!! Get well soon Ms Jackie!!

    Love and hugs,

    Cathy Kline

  7. Wonderful news! Thanks for keeping us updated! Is Damon getting any rest? Slow and Steady wins the race....confident that she will fully recover!

    Paula P.

  8. It never occurred to me to check your blog for updates. Thank you! What wonderful news to read this morning! Prayers continue from the McCullough household. The Shook and Sills families are definitely family to me!

    Much love and blessings,
    Shannon McCullough

  9. Dan and I are keeping Jackie and Damon in our prayers. Please let them know they are loved! Trusting God for full and speedy recovery.
    Dee Potcinske

  10. I know you all must be feeling like, "what else?" and waiting for the next shoe to drop, but I know that the enemy knows how great our God is, and how incredible His love and faithfulness to your family and our church, and the enemy is working hard to destroy our joy, but we have so much to be thankful for, and we know that like fine silver, we are being refined and drawing closer to Him, I am praying for you all and I know God has amazing things for the Shook family and our family at taddy