Sunday, December 26, 2010

Another Mighty Warrior

Another mighty warrior finishes well...

Brandon was 24 when he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. When I first met him, he was a tall, strong, strapping young man. In spite of his imposing form, he had a kindness to his eyes that opened the door to his heart. He played basketball for his university. He came into Mark's office with courage and confidence, asking us to join him in praying for God's healing. 

Brandon was 24 when he took his last breath. The battle was short and intense. He proved himself to be one of God's elite warriors. His faith never wavered. A few days before he died, he called for Mark and me to come to his bedside. He was in constant pain due to the damage to his nerves. We weren't able to hold his hands or hug him because it hurt him. He could barely hear because his auditory nerve was damaged by the cancer. As he lay bravely in that bed, he said to Mark, "Tell me more about ruling and reigning with Christ. I've been thinking about that a lot."  Fighting tears, Mark told him, again, how God was preparing him for eternity. Brandon said he was ready. 

Please pray for Brandon's  parents, Sherri and Fred, and for his family and friends as they grieve his loss. Please pray for Mark as he performs the funeral on Tuesday. Pray that the words he says will bring honor to Brandon and his family, and glory to God, who carried Brandon every step of the way. 

"You did well. You are a good and loyal servant. Because you were loyal with small things, I will let you care for much greater things. Come and share my joy with me."  Matthew 25:21

"It's been an honor to fight beside so noble a warrior and a great friend." 
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
 by C.S. Lewis

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  1. Laura, my prayers are with Brandon's family, and with Mark and you. There is a great poem that I found when I lost a horse that was very dear to me. It fits even more so for a person like Brandon (even if he wasn't Arabic!):

    "Your life was of the order true
    Of Arabian eloquence...
    The tale was brief,
    The words were few,
    The meaning was immense."

    [- Ibn AllKhabbaza (13th Century)]

    I pray that when my time comes, God can say that the meaning was immense. The love given to others.

    Love you!
    Shannon McCullough