Monday, May 16, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Mother's Day Couplet, 2011
By David Shook

I've dreamed to see you dance among the Twa,
your body free, your heart agape with awe.

My new friends!

Celebration of Healing Dance!

"Precious in His sight..."

Batwa Leadership Committee

We had an amazing trip to Bujumbura, Burundi. It was so exciting to see all that God has done in the two short years of our partnership with this beautiful group of people! They have learned so much and accomplished so much! Their land is producing enough crops to feed all the families in Matara, to give food to their neighbors in need, and to sell. Their children are in the top of their classes at school. They have started several successful businesses that have grown, employing others!  They have healthy goats and cows. They drink milk daily!  Not one baby has been lost in two years!  They are full of joy and openly sing God's praises for how He has blessed them. And... they are looking forward to going out and helping other Batwa communities!  That's how it's supposed to be. God's blessing received, poured out, and shared. Thank you, God, for letting us be a part of what you are doing in Burundi!


  1. Ohhhhhh your report is wonderful! I love the pictures! Love the poem!

  2. wow I see they made a road kind of. Thats so cool! I remember last summer when I went, it was just a big hill we had to climb lol. They look really happy!